Thursday, October 4, 2012

Homeschool Fun Day OR Week!

I was talking with a friend last week who homeschools her 3 children. We were talking about the great benifits of homeschooling and CHARACTER. As we were talking, she said that last year she took two whole weeks off of school to regroup and focus on character issues. Things had kind of spun out of control. That got me to thinking...

You see, we started on June 11th with this school year and we are just plain tired! We have finished 77 days of school so far and we have to have 180. We are almost to the halfway point. I had been wondering how in the world could we focus on some of the character issues we have been dealing with lately. It never crossed my mind to take some time off. BUT WHY NOT? Duh!

Over the weekend I was thinking about how we could really target some of the issues we were dealing with in our children. I had signed up for the CTB (Child Training Bible, link on my sidebar) facebook study that last for 21 weeks. I had not looked much into it, I just wanted to see how they were going to study the tabs, etc. So Sunday as I began to jot down a tentative plan for our school week (this is so out of character for me because I feel like I HAVE to stick to the curriculum and Lesson plan (very detailed might I add): I was once a school teacher if that explains anything! LOL) and as I did, God kind of used the CTB Bible study to give me direction. I have decided to study one tab a week as the study suggested: me first then share it with my children as the Lord leads. It is amazing at the things I am LEARNING about ME before I deal with my children. I didn't want to just STOP school and work on character as if it were isolated from our normal life. So, as I planned, I decided that we would do a review week with any trouble areas she seemed to have. We have played so many games this week. We have played store so much! I am having so much fun PLAYING! My child can combine her coins like you wouldn't believe and last week it was a struggle. Why didn't I do this last week? Not sure, but one thing I do know: more games will be a part of our homeschool day! I have officially decided that Friday is now game day. We will play games to review all that she learned during the week. I am not quite sure why I have not done this before, I did when I taught school. So glad God has revealed so much this week, in more ways than one!

Starting next week, I will be posting at least one time a week about the issue we are studying, if not more. It depends on the issue and how much God reveals to us.

One thing I want to leave you with, if we are seeing things that our children are doing that we dislike, we better look at ourself first. Disciplining our children starts with US!

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