Monday, October 8, 2012

Anger and Door Slamming

Wow! Did I learn a lot last week when studying the Anger tabs in my Child Training Bible?!?

 I chose to study each Scripture listed under that tab using the SOAP method and the download from the CTB study provided under "files." Anger had only 8 Scriptures so that was not too bad. It was amazing at how I was able to talk and discuss these particular Scriptures with my children and they really "got it" after God dealt with me as a Mom FIRST! After just one week in the CTB on anger, we have seen a difference in our children.

Anna Grace just turned 6 on August 30th and we had begun to see things that we did not like. She would get very upset about us telling her no about something and she would stomp to her room and slam her door. On a children's website,  I get weekly updates about child development. She started this behavior out of nowhere and then I read that this was typical of her age. But I feel that even if this is so-called "normal behavior" we have to deal with it. We have to train our children through these situations. If we do not, they will continue to do this behavior. The best way to deal with situations is to take them to Scripture. Show them why their behavior needs to change and the consequences of this behavior. Now, don't get me wrong, but door slamming in itself is not the worst thing in the world, but what will it lead to if not dealt with? What will this look like 5, 10, 15 years from now if we chalk this up  as "normal behavior" for this age.

Door slamming is not the real issue, but why is she slamming the door? There is something going on INSIDE of her that we cannot see. This behavior is a symptom of something going on in her heart and mind. So, we have to see that the heart is changed and the only way to do that is through taking her to God's Word and allowing Him to transform her from the   inside - out.

So, What did we do?

1. I studied the anger Scriptures and let God make them REAL to me. I allowed God to reveal areas in my life I needed to work on FIRST before I went to my child and addressed her "issues."

2. I took her straight to Scripture and showed her what the consequences of allowing anger to get out of control were.

3. I explained how it is ok to get upset about something, even Jesus got angry.

4. BUT we have to be sure that our actions glorify Him. We have to choose to not sin in our anger.

5. We were able to help her have self-control and make better decisions WITH The help of JESUS. Only He can help us through tough times.

We have always disciplined with Scripture, but I saw a big difference this week. WHY? I believe number one, I went to God on MY behalf FIRST asking HIM to reveal to me what I needed to work on. Then, we set aside several times this week to discuss the Scriptures as the Lord lead. I did not use them in trying to correct a behavior right then (I didn't have to). I set aside time and we sat at the kitchen table and just "discussed." It was amazing! We talked about it when she had not "just" gotten angry so she was able to see it from a different perspective. She was openly talking about what she needed to work on (she also told me what I needed to work on-LOL)! AMAZING!

More this week on Anger....If you are going through the CTB study right now, I am posting a week behind so that I can reflect upon the previous week!

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