Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Yesterday we had to take my son to the doctor because we thought he may have pink eye, but it turned out to be some type of virus. It started on Sunday afternoon and since then I have been wiping down anything and everything he touches.
As I have been wiping down everything, I have been thinking: He touches so much it is virtually impossible to wipe away every germ. He's two and he touches, wipes eyes, touches, wipes eyes. There is no way to make him keep his hands from his eyes. So therefore, we have been washing our hands constantly because I do not want what he's got in my eye! Yuck!
As I was thinking: As contagious as this virus could be; I desire that my love, my joy, my relationship with Jesus would be so contagious, that others could not help but love, have joy, have a relationship with Jesus too! How awesome is that?!?
"You are the salt of the earth..." Matthew 5:13
Do I live a life that reflects Jesus?
Do I live a life that leads people to Jesus?
Do I live a life that makes others want more of Jesus?
Do I live a life that spreads love and joy?
What changes do I need to make in my life to be more contagious?
Am I the same person at home that I am around others to make my children want Jesus? (WOW)
Do I have big (audacious) faith?
Do I TRUST Jesus with my DAILY life choices?
Am I salty?
Does my life reflect too much of the world?
Am I affecting others positively (bringing out the best in them)?

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