Thursday, December 13, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for our homeschool friends. We have been blessed with so many homeschooling families this year. I am super excited about homeschooling opportunities we may be able to offer in our small little town in the future.

Last year, we met other homeschoolers through our music class, but everybody lived at least 30 minutes away from us. We would drive for occasional play dates, but it was hard to always have to drive. This year God has blessed us with 2 families we see often and one family who will be starting next year. AND...I keep hearing of others in the area. I would love to meet them!

We planned a trip to a local museum for the Polar Express last week. When I booked the field trip, they ask for our homeschool name. We are kind of an unofficial group but we do need a name. Of course, we are all doing what our state requires and are apart of the necessary groups, but yet that's still 30 to 45 minutes away for us.

I am so happy that my children are surrounded by other children who are being raised up in the ways of Jesus. It's sort of neat because we are similar in our homeschool approach. I'm amazed by how God orchestrates things.

Are our children perfect? By all means, no!

Do they always obey? Oh my, NO!

Do they walk around like perfect little angels? NO

Do we have tons of fun? YES

We are not perfect by any means, but we have been called to homeschool. We may seem a little frazzled at times, since we are usually outnumbered by kids, trying to teach our kids the required subjects and maintaining some type of order at home...But we seem to hold it together (only by  God's grace are we able!).

Yesterday, we were all running in the local grocery store to get lunch for our kids while some were still in music classes. We looked pretty funny with our car buggies. I am convinced we would make a pretty good TV series. I am not sure I would want to hear what America would have to say about us! LOL

I am so thankful for these friends and how unique God made each of them. It was so fun to hear and see them dance around the room and make up their own music rhymes yesterday. We are truly blessed!


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