Friday, December 14, 2012

My Gift to Jesus

I have been challenged this Christmas season in so many ways. I desire to celebrate Jesus in every possible way that I can. As I have been meditating on all the things that Jesus is to us,

He is ALL things!

Whatever we need, He is there.

He is there to light our path in the dark.

He is our Shepherd leading us at all times.

He is our Comforter.

Our  Counselor.

I could go on and on and on. There is no way I could ever list ALL that He is.

He is our most perfect gift.

But what gift are we giving Him?

He wants our hearts! He wants it ALL, not just part of us. Our lives should not be compartmentalized with here's my family life, my home duties, my job, my recreational activities, church, God. God should be apart of every aspect of our lives. He should not be shoved in a corner or section of our lives. We should have such a relationship with Him that our lives overflow the way He would live in each situation. He should direct each and every step we take.

He wants us to simply follow Him and keep His commandments.
(Our lives may not LOOK the way we think they would, but we are at peace knowing we are following His plan for us!)

I read a story recently that I loved. We will be doing this in our home from now on.

Each person gets a card and you write how you will show Jesus you love Him.
That's the gift--to choose something you would do to be more like Jesus.

Then, put your cards in a box and wrap the gift in gold paper.

You put the box under the tree and every time you look at the box, it is supposed to remind you of the Savior's gift to us and our gift to Him.

Then, on Christmas Eve, you open the box and everyone reads their gifts to to Jesus out loud.

How cool is that! I desire to honor Christ with my life. When I honor Him, I am leading my children to honor Him.

What things do I need to do different to lead my children to Christ and the true meaning of the season?
What things do I need to eliminate from my life because it is a distraction from God's ultimate plan?

What is my gift to Jesus this Christmas?

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