Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Why Do we Homeschool?

I am one of the people who said that I would NEVER homeschool. Now look at me. I have learned to never say never. I taught school before we had our daughter Anna Grace. I loved it, but knew that I would stay at home once we had children. I am also a children's minister and I could not be a Mom, teacher, and children's minister (at the time youth). I knew my first calling was to my family and then to ministry in the church. That is another story for another time.
When I began staying home with Anna Grace, I never really thought about what we would do for school. I do know that when we decided to buy the house we live in, we considered the school district, but besides that ~ no thought. As time rolled on, we enrolled her in the local preschool because she was super shy. I just knew that she would be one of the children that the teacher would have to pull off of my leg daily if I did not help her work through some of this. It is a really good Christian preschool and we felt good in sending her there. As time moved on., we began to talk about what we would do about school. I was pregnant with Noah when we seriously started talking about our options. I could not get peace over sending her to public school or to the Christian school I had taught at. In the meantime, I began to meet all kinds of homeschoolers and they intrigued me. It still did not register with me that I would actually homeschool. I had made plans for when kids went to school, I would be full time with the church. Oh, things would be so much easier than trying to juggle my church work with kids. Oh, and I was having visions of my house being super organized and clean because of kids being in school. That is FUNNY!
So here, are some of the reason we homeschool:
1. God called us.
2. We desire to grow our children at home THROUGH His Word. Basically, learn from a Biblical Worldview.
3. We desire a family centered lifestyle.
With these reasons, we realized that public school was not an option for us. Then, as we began to think about Christian School, that is not where God was leading us either. Oh, don't worry, I was willing to drive 30 minutes (remember, I had my life planned.)
I do not regret for one moment the decision to homeschool. We do have tough days and that is ok. I would rather my home be more messy and disorganized and following the direction of God than my own. We are very happy in the decision to homeschool.

I am so excited about the fact that my children are best friends and love each other. They play so well with each other (except for the incident this afternoon oh and yesterday and the day before haha). They love Jesus so much that we have church everyday. Anna Grace and Noah preach and lead us in worship daily. We try not to say "play church" because they are serious. It is such a blessing to watch them. As in my previous post: Our thoughts become actions. Their mind is on Jesus so they are expressing their love for Him. Sunday morning before church, Noah was singing, "I want Jesus," over and over. That is just precious. We try to memorize lots of Scripture so that it can be alive and active in them. I desire that they know God and make Him known. We have spent lots of time reading the Bible since the day they were born fostering that love for God and His Word.
This is Anna Grace and Noah standing at "the piano and mike stand" (aka my candle stand). We have had to tape microphones to the candle stands.
I realize now that God had a much greater calling for me than I ever realized. That call was to be a mother who trained her children into the ways of God. I view motherhood as a calling. I do not think enough people view it that way. We are impacting lives by the moment. The decisions we make will effect our children and could change their destiny. What is God calling you to do or not to do? Are you listening? I need to set aside my agenda and follow God's!  

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