Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Books Books and More Books

I love books and reading. Anyone close to me knows that fact. I never thought I would come to the point in which I would have to MAKE myself pick up a book and read.

These days I am seriously tired. Tired from what, you may say. Life is hard. The day to day upkeep of the home, juggling being a mama, homeschool mama, children's minister, wife, sister, child of the King....and the list goes on. But I must keep my focus. My focus must be Jesus so that He can lead me in my daily endeavors. I desire to bring glory to His Name!

As I told you earlier in the year, I would be reading "Desperate" by Sarah Mae and Sally Clarkson. I finished it up some weeks ago. It was a wonderful read. If you have not read it, I encourage you to read it. When I read the title I did NOT THINK I was a Desperate mom, but I in fact am.

If you are looking for a book that really reads your mail as a Mom, this is the book.

I love how Sarah Mae writes first. That is how I feel at this stage in motherhood, but Sally follows up with such wisdom that comes only from a woman who has been there done that. It is a booked PACKED with wisdom.

I have read several books in between but they are health books. They were very good reads.

I am now reading "Lead Your Family Like Jesus" by Ken Blanchard, Phil Hodges and Tricia Goyer. I bought the book after I heard them 2 days in a row on Focus on the Family. I will give you an update once I am finished.

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