Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Starting 2013 with Purpose

I am very excited to start 2013 off with a new book I received in December, iChoose2 Love My Life.

It is a great book that is divided into 52 weeks. That means that you do ONE a week and they are NOT very long (most are 2 to 3 pages). I love the fact that it is short enough yet long enough to challenge you AND leads you to take action steps through questions and coaching. Each week focuses on a different area of your life. Some of the topics include: iChoose2 Live intentionally, manage my time, surrender, encourage, operate in my strengths. This is just a few! There's one thing you can do by going through this book: BECOME A BETTER YOU!

I "accidentally" found iBloom last year and signed up to get their emails. I liked what I saw on the website and sometimes I actually read them and sometimes I didn't. They have videos to go along with each week too. I watched some of those. But when I really got excited about iBloom was when I heard about the opportunity to become an Ambassador for them. I applied and got accepted. I was shocked and excited to be chosen. So, then I began finding out more and more about what this has to offer and LOVE it! You will too!

The book is KEY. If I would have ordered the book last year when I found the website, I would have actually read the iBloom emails and made progress with each of their challenges.

I desire to be a different person when I look back at my life this time in a year. That is a desire of mine each year. I can say that 2012 held lots of changes for me and I am pleased to say MOST were good. There is always room for improvement and we will never be ALL that we desire to be this side of heaven.

I have several tools I will be using in 2013 to make me a better Amanda. I desire to be who God created me to be and tap into my strengths and bring glory to Him in all I do. I will be sharing some of the tools I will be using in the next few days.

I would love to hear how you are cultivating your spiritual life and becoming a better you! Please share!

AND...if you would like to order your copy of  iChoose2 Love My Life please follow the link. You will be glad you did. There's a lot more this website has to offer.


  1. You should come to the Beth Moore conference in April in Greensboro! Me, Mom, and Mama Dot are all going! :)

  2. Let me look at my calendar! :) That would be fun. I can look it up online..we should be about done with our school year...:) yipee!