Thursday, October 24, 2013

Dreams ~ God-Sized Dreams

How many of you have dreams of where God wants to take you? How many of you are walking in a God-sized dream right now?

I see myself doing many things for God. I have many dreams that I am not yet walking out. I have other dreams I am right in the middle of right now.

One thing I have learned is when we have a God dream, it takes over our world. It doesn't matter if it's a small or a big dream, it takes over.

I have been reading You're Made for a God Sized Dream by Hollie Gerth and it is a GREAT read.

"God-sized dreams are not controllable. To believe any different is to tell yourself that a bucking bronco in the rodeo ring is no different than a sweet pony at the petting zoo. The reason we can't tame our dreams is because the One who gives them to us is wild. We want God predictable -- especially when we're doing what we think he wants." ~ Hollie Gerth

Let's stop right here~

I think many of us stop short of God-sized dreams because we are scared of how it will alter OUR life, OUR plan. We stop because we don't see a "blueprint" before us. It is a faith walk AND that scares us because for us to succeed, we are NOT in CONTROL, but GOD is in CONTROL. We have to give up our rights and we have a hard time doing that!

Why are we so scared to let God be in charge?

~It might mess up our perfectly grafted plan
~It might put us in places that make us uncomfortable
~It might make us look crazy
~We can't control EVERY detail

But how many times has Jesus let us down?

NEVER~ not once! He is faithful! We CANNOT fail with God!

We must be faithful to follow. We must put our faith and trust of our unknown future in our All-Knowing God.

Rest assured, He has our best interest at heart.

No matter what, remember:

"...whoever is really in control is responsible for the results."

"Our part is not control. It's not results. IT'S OBEDIENCE. It's intimacy with the One who asks us to trust Him even when nothing makes sense." ~Hollie Gerth

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